Tinder Tips pt. 1
Tinder Tips pt. 1 dating stories

ciarose Posting Tinder Adventures and Tips.
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Tinder Tips pt. 1

by ciarose

What do people look for in your profile?

Accurately depict your best self. Try to have a clear picture of your face, something you enjoy, and something silly.

How do you get a reply?

As far as bios go, be clever, honest about your interests, and try to convey confidence.

Here we'll introduce Respectful Honesty. If you're just there to find a fwb, RESPECTFULLY say so. Reference their bio or something about them that caught your eye. "Hey😊" doesn't stick out.

The most important things are respect and confidence. One guy said "Hey! You look really cool so I'll be honest, I'm looking to have s*x before I leave in two days, are you in?"

Something like that, that's clear and honest is great. Respecting No is even better.


As far as scheduling an actual date, some people will want to talk for a while before they're comfortable meeting in person. So try to work with them to do something you'll both enjoy.


Ask for explicit photos. Be rude. Be disrespectful or sexist.

Any questions I missed? Any specific circumstances? Leave them in the comments below and I'll answer them next time! Remember this is just my opinion as a 19 year old who's used a few forums.

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