Tinder Adventures pt. 4
Tinder Adventures pt. 4 cia-rose stories

ciarose Posting Tinder Adventures and Tips.
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Tinder Adventures pt. 4

by ciarose

A match messaged me, and we started talking. It wasn't thrilling, nothing clicked, but I figured I'd carry it to the end of the conversation.

Then we realized we were on different islands, and he invited me to FLY OVER. We had been talking for half an hour AND HE LEGITIMATELY WANTED ME TO FLY OVER.

He said "you should fly over for the weekend, you can stay at my place for free, it's just me and my dog for now. I think my mom is gonna move in but not yet."

I tried to let him down easy, although the offer to teach me how to roller skate was kind, I wasn't down to fly over to meet a stranger.

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