Oops I Did it Again. By Cia Rose
Oops I Did it Again.   

 By Cia Rose                                                                                    dating stories
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ciarose Posting Tinder Adventures and Tips.
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I used to write columns called Tinder Tips and Tinder Adventures. Then I looked up.
An announcement, as well as upcoming story teaser pictures.

Oops I Did it Again. By Cia Rose

Hey Commaful, I've decided to get back into writing. It's a creative outlet I need and I miss it. It should be said, however, that my content is going to change. I will no longer be adding to the Tinder Tips or Tinder Adventures series. I know. I'm sorry. But it's only because I'm...

In a happy relationship! You can see how that would cease my Tinder use. That's him in the picture, the greatest guy I know. From here on out, I'll be posting thought pieces. I will also have an exploration series that covers some of the most amazing places on the island I call home, Hawaii! I'll post pictures of each place, as well as descriptions of any history or Hawaiian culture surrounding it. I'll be sure to include fun stories of the adventures we have.

Now, I recognize this will be a different type than I used to post. I hope to keep the same quality of storytelling and light humor found in my previous work. If you have any questions, requests for a specific sight or attraction on the Big Island of Hawaii, or want advice for your future vacation here, please comment and I'll be sure to answer!

P.S To anyone who has been here reading my work since the beginning, thank you for sticking with me. I appreciate it more than you know or I show. I hope you'll stick around for my new chapter!

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