Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves separation stories

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Listen, As the wave crash on the rocks.

Ocean Waves


As the wave crash on the rocks.

Really it's the saddest tale.

Only a moment do they have together,

In the perfect silence of the world.

They'll meet eyes and loose their breath,

They're hearts will stop beating,

And their eyes will become still.

They'll crash into each other,

Not a moment later,

In the quiet mess of the world.


As the wave start to cry.

She has her hope,

As she rolls to the shore.

Maybe it will be better,

Better than him.

My oh my she says,

As she touches the sandy beach.

She stays there for a moment,

Hoping for more,

Longing for the beach's predecessor.


As the waves start to break.

She starts on the journey home,

With with head hung low.

Step by step,

Slowly she starts to move.

There she goes,

Gone forever now.

There she goes,

Never realizing that once again,

She passed him.


As the he watches her pass without a second glace,

See as he calls out to her,

Though she is impaired.

She cannot hear his cry,

Nor feel his touch,

She is missing from him,

As he is missing from her.

And for the rest of their immortal lives,

They will look for each other,

in everyone they meet.


As the world starts to crack,

For never again will they ever lock eyes,

Feel the adrenaline of a loosing a breath

Or the feeling their heart stopping.

After so long of looking for the other,

Eventually they'll give up

And if cruel fate should have it,

That they ever meet again,

They'll have been apart for so long,

They won't know they've found each other.


As the she brushes up against him,

No longer crashing into him.

She passes him just like every wave does,

He doesn't notice it's she who he dreams.

She moves with her head so low,

As if she's never been happy,

As if she's only had the feelings of,

Disappointment an heartbreak.

She starts on her next journey,

And brushes up against him.


As they yell for each other,

Meeting once again,

As they look each other in the eyes.

Watch as she floats away,

Tears forming in his eyes.

He cannot move,

But he dreams he can fly to her.

They've seen each other again,

But now they suffer the cruelest of fates,

Watching as your love floats away.


As you start to realize,

This is their story.

The only one they have.

They spend eternity missing,

Never finding their whole.

They don't understand why,

Why cruel fate should have it that way,

Why the world wants them to crumble.

Why the world wants them to shatter.


And you can hear the world break

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