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chynawells A girl in college with an imagination
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I was born in California, but i'm from everywhere else

Where I'm From

I come from two people who were only together for a short amount of time.

A mother who was ready to get on with life and father who didn’t seem to care.

Grandparents who spoiled me rotten with clothes , money, and treats that I never deserved.

I come from Pizza and coca cola every Friday with a side of attitude because I’m the one having to cook it when my mother “Doesn’t feel like it.”

I come from family picnics that include less attendees every event. But I’ve missed out on it for 7 years so I wouldn’t know for sure.

Songs like: Break away, Family Portrait, and Innocence seem to be the only ones to define where I really come from

I also come from months of “Yass!” Being shouted from the top of my lungs to show my classmates how inspirational they are to me.

Covering up my pain and spreading joy so no one suspects what’s really under my mask.

Coming from “You are perfect.” To “You will never be successful!”

But none of that defines me. And for the most part, I come from love and support that I have from myself.

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