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My name does more than define me

My Name

“Are you from China?” “No, wait, how do you spell it again? Is it with an I?” I have been scarred with these questions since I can remember. It seemed like I was spending each day trying to explain my name.

I rarely get statements like “Wow, that is a beautiful name!” Or “That is really cool how your named after a country!"

But the reactions do not surprise me since I cant even find my name on a coke bottle.

Having a name like mine can be a curse at times but it has its’ moments.

For example, back in elementary school, my peers would hand me things and say “I found this, it has your name on it!"

I used to think that that was the funniest thing ever and it still is from time to time.

Chyna is not just five letters that are scribbled across a certificate.

It is part of the lyrics that pour out my headphones, the words that are written on each page of a Trilogy, and the ingredients that are included in a chocolate cake.

It is a name that reminds me of sweet, summer days in California and the dry, warmth of Nevada. To me, my name is not just a title but it is a story. A story that defines who I am, in every way.

Even though there are cooler names, I am proud that this one was chosen for me. There is a reason why my name isn’t Emani or Lilly or Sasha.

In that case, I would wake up every morning with a different life and perspective. But since it’s not, I will continue to live my life as Chyna.

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