My Curls
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chynawells A girl in college with an imagination
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This is dedicated to the curl fro on my head

My Curls

Since I was 6, I wanted straight hair

Most of my friends were white, pretty, and had long straight hair.

Since my mother has very fair skin, I assumed my hair should look just like theirs

So, I asked my mom to straighten my coils so I could be "pretty"

Fast forward to 2017, I was 19 when I started to wear my natural curls

My crush told me that I looked better with my "short, straight hair" instead of my "natural curls".

So, I stopped straightening it and got a new crush

Because the way I felt about myself was more important than how a guy felt about me.

I thought my curly hair would make me look younger

So, I bought a boy's Batman shirt from H&M

And embraced my young genes and childish ways.

I finally felt comfortable as me.

I no longer felt pretty, I felt beautiful.

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