Dear Diary,

Dear Diary, sad stories

chynawells A girl in college with an imagination
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Don't you just love being in love with someone who doesn't even love you back?

Dear Diary,

How do you get over someone you have never been with?

A person who has given you their word, but not their heart

You've already mailed your heart in...they probably just haven't received it yet

They already treat you like "The One"

And you feel like "The One"

But you know it would never happen for whatever reason

So, you tell yourself that you will never text them back

Because you don't have time for people that don't have time for you

Then, they put their hand on your soul once again

Telling you things you want to hear and shower you with "Love"

Just to see if they still have control over you after all this time

I ask myself, "How come we don't just cut them out of our lives?"

Maybe because we still think there is a chance

Or maybe because we would rather be stuck then not have anything at all.

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