In paintings , I come
In paintings , I come  sex stories

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In paintings , I come

In paintings, I come

The room is dark, filled with void.

The only thing between us is the paint and brush.

I turn your head up, lost deeply into your eyes.

My masculine voice commands,

I set you free, explore and investigate.

My body is your canvas, let them be your tool where you get lost in your world.

While I get lost in your lips and my hands explore your body.

In paintings we shall ignite fire, we shall get intimate.

In paintings, rock your world, I dominate you.

With my lips doing justice to your body while I drill you with vigor and passion.

In paintings, we shall moan, groan and scream.

Feeling your body covered up in this beautiful artwork, the pleasure is exhilarating.

My touch soft enough to caress you, but strong enough to protect you.

I feel you, I see the hips gyrating.

In our world, I am your master and I will dominate you.

Let the paint expression express the feelings that can't be expressed.

Let the pain you feel move you and take you to another world.

In painting, you shall be set free but still my slave.

In painting, I shall drill you and your inner soul.

The scream is inevitable, the pain is the one you enjoy.

The very moment you fantasize.

May the paintings make our body flow smoothly, so our souls can talk in spirits.

In painting, you, scream, moan and shout.

In painting, I breathe and I smack you out.

In painting, we get tired and pass out.

In paintings, we cum hard and loud.

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