Trapped in an Unwanted marriage
Trapped in an Unwanted marriage romance stories

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Jayden Roberts. The typical workaholic .Jocelyn Evans. Random girl. Nothing much about her. They were childhood friends but they separated for 15 years. Jayden Roberts now own the biggest shipping company and is crazy about this specific girl who he didn't realize was his childhood friend.

Trapped in an Unwanted marriage

by chuaxiaoqing

"Jocelyn, I love you. " 7 years old Jayden Roberts says.

"You don't, Jayden. You are just in love with the thought of being in love. " Jocelyn rolls her eyes and pats his head. Jayden just looks at her and smiles.

15 years later.

"This is my office. Wow. " 22 year old Jocelyn gasps. Jayden walks to the office entrance and sees this beautiful lady standing there. Somehow she reminds him of his childhood friend.

Her voice, so lovely yet so familiar.

"Hello there. Do you need any help? I'm Jayden "Jayden asks courteously. She sees the handsome young man standing in front of her. Her heart's suddenly beats rapidly. "I'm Jocelyn Evans. "

I found you.

Jayden looks at her,shocked. "What's wrong?" Jocelyn asks. He hugs her. She widens her eyes. "I love you. Since the last fifteen years.And I still do." "You are just in lo-" "I love you,really"

Caught by force

Once working hours are over,Jocelyn keeps her stuff at record time and begins the rush out of the office. Suddenly,she felt a tug on her arm and someone covered her mouth. She instantly pass out.

Force stay

"You're awake." Jocelyn sat up from the comfy bed and looks around her. "Jayden.You kidnapped me." "I did. Otherwise you wouldn't stay." "Why do you want me to stay?" "I want to marry you. "

Forced Marriage

"Do you,Jayden Roberts,take Jocelyn Evans as your wife?" "Yes, I do." "Do you,Jocelyn Evans,take Jayden Roberts as your husband?""Yes."she says unwillingly. "You may now kiss the bride."

I love you, and I don't care if you don't

Jocelyn's lips were emotionless as Jayden's lips touched hers. Obviously,because he forced her into this marriage.Jayden grinned at her."I love you and I don't care if you dont." he says.


Just as Jocelyn was about to develop feeling for Jayden, after their wedding, she saw the most unexpected thing. He was kissing a girl! Jocelyn gasped at the scene and storm out of the Club.


Jocelyn sat on her bed that she slept with Jayden. "Hey babe." Jayden said. "You kissed another woman." "Well, she's a good kisser." "I want a divorce."


"No." What? "Since I'm no kisser,why don't you marry her?" "I love you." "I don't." "I don't care.You will stay married to me."

It's time to be rebelious

Jocelyn waited until the day where Jayden had to work.Jayden asked her to stay at home but it's time for her to get rebellious. She took a bus and left New Year for Texas.


He couldn't believe he kissed Amy.He was drunk and didn't know what he was doing worst of all he told his wife that Amy's a good kisser. He regretted when he saw his wife's tear stained face.


Jayden had a gift ready in hand to give his wife.He hope his wife would forgive him.He already forced her to marry him and he didn't want to make her hate him even more. But his wife is gone.


He called the FBI and asked his servants to search for her up and down. Fortunately,someone found her in Texas and texted Jayden.


Jayden took a flight to Texas and began to search for Jocelyn. He rented a car and started driving around the city. He sped past a yellow light but another car had crashed into him.


She didn't expect the news of her husband's arrival.Somehow he found a way to find her and got into a car accident. She went into the hospital only to see her husband unconscious.


He got into an accident because of her. His best friend,Jack told her he was drunk when he kissed the lady she saw in the bar. She finally understood. "I'm sorry,Jayden."

I love you

Jocelyn literally shed tears of happiness when Jayden woke up. "I'm sorry,Joce. I was drunk and I-" Jocelyn shushed him up by kissing him. He was shocked but he returned the kiss as well. Love.

10 years later

Jocelyn given birth to a set of adorable twins though they might be annoying at times. "I love you. And I don't know why. But I thank god for making our fate link together." "I agree."Joce smile


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