The Prophecy
The Prophecy fantasy stories

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This is the first part in the series. The next one will be published soon. Let me know if you liked it.

The Prophecy

Introduction Over a century there has been a rivalry between the four groups of dragons.The rivalry started when the fire dragons stole the ice diamond from sea dragons which is the most precious gem on earth.The different groups are- FIRE DRAGONS They are fire breathing dragons. They are the strongest and the deadliest .

ICE DRAGONS They are very strong and can freeze you to popsicles. They always have wars with fire dragons.

SEA DRAGONS They live in the sea and can control water. They are often mistaken as ice dragons because of their blue scales.

WIND DRAGONS Last but not the least. They are strong enough to fight with fire dragons. They can make hurricanes and tornado.

The Prophecy There has been a prophecy that four dragons (one from each group) will stop the war and all the dragons will live in harmony and peace...

Chapter 1 The Four Friends "Frank ,put on the fire, it's very dark"said Coral. Frank was a fire dragon and Coral was a sea dragon. Next to them were their other two friends, they were Tornado, they called him Tor who was a wind dragon and Crystal who was an ice dragon.

They were hiding in a cave in the fire dragons territory. If anyone sees other dragons from other groups,then they will be captured and killed.

The four of them used to meet secretly and had many adventures. This time they thought to find the ice diamond which belonged to the sea dragons.

Frank who was a fire dragon, could roam freely around their territory,but his friends cannot. He was the most mischievous and kindest dragon in his territory. So,he knew every way to climb the palace and take the ice diamond.

The only way is to stay away from the guards. Frank crept from behind the cave. Coast is clear, he whispered, Tor,Coral and Crystal followed him outside.

They were in a forest. They could see the palace far away.

Frank's father was the king of fire dragons. Frank knew him very well, he is merciless and cruel, even to his children!

So they went quitely.

Chapter 2 In the palace Once they reached the palace, Coral,Tor and Crystal hid behind the thick forest, while Frank checked the area.

The back door was closed,so he climbed followed by the other three. Frank was surprised when he didn't see any guards near the back door. He asked them to hide in a room and he went to check were his father went.

Coral,Tor and Crystal hid in the room hoping no one finds them.

Suddenly,the door opened! First they thought it was Frank,but this dragon was bigger, and had a huge spear and sharp claws. Coral thought they were dead but then..

There was a huge sound of ice cracking and Crystal froze the huge dragon! Tor and Coral pulled her and said -"we should escape". They could hear more dragons coming,so they flew to the woods,were they used to hide.

Frank heard the commotion, and he knew his friends had escaped.

It became night , Crystal was fast asleep. Tor and Coral kept on talking about today's incident, when she heard a movement of wings.

Crystal and Tor turned back and saw Frank. You,ok? he asked. Yeah, they replied and told about what happened. "The gates are closed,and there is only one way to get inside"said Frank.

"what is it"asked Tor. Frank hesitated and said"through the side gate which leads to the terrace, there are so many fire traps".

"That's it?" asked Coral. Yeah ,but no one ever went that way . Only my dad knows and if he finds...said Frank .

They woke Crystal and told her the plan. She looked very excited after what she had done today.

So, without anyone seeing they flew to the terrace. Once they reached ,it was so dark ,so Frank lit a small fire so the soldiers won't feel suspicious.

Then they walked around searching for any hidden doors. Look here , whispered Tor.

They saw a small crack Tor put his claws inside the crack and pulled open. There was a tunnel leading under!

They went inside one by one,careful not to make noise.

This takes forever, complained Crystal. They went deeper and saw a door,

Coral opened the door and peered inside. Come in guys,look at this ,she whispered.

Woah, That's the ice diamond!

Wanna see what happens next? Coming soon...

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