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chronoprincess Writing my first novella!
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I have picked up the courage to finally do something I didn't think I could...sell my art.


Hello, folks! Gosh, you have no idea how much I miss writing poetry. Lately, with so much going on in life I just haven't had time to write a single line.

Except yesterday. Yesterday I wrote a poem that came out without me even planning to do so but that I had to share with you all because the flutters in my heart right now I can't hide.

And oh! The comments! I think that's what I missed the most, actually. They were so amazing and I couldn't help but smile and go...WOW...I still got it, man! For a minute I thought I just wasn't doing a good job at writing poems but boy was I wrong!

Enough of that, though. Thank you again for the support to my latest poem, which is a warm up to what I want to be a small collection of love poems that will be entered for the HyperTexts contest. Definitely stay tuned for the actual poems that I'll also promote in Discord.

...selling my poetry. That is something that I never would have thought I could do at any point in my life. Why? Well, because I simply didn't consider myself a good "poet".

But art is unique and to me there is no such things as standards when it comes to making it except to know you have it in you and refine and polish that talent so that you can really show it all off at your leisure.

And through you all I have finally embraced the fact that I do have what it takes and now it's the time to make something of it. I may be speaking too soon or acting brashly but I want to sell my poetry to know what it feels like. To accept that others are willing to help water my art this way.

Of course, I'm going to be super fair when it comes to pricing. You might whack me in the head when you see the pricing but hey! I'm just experimenting here. I don't want to overwhelm anyone. Perhaps with more confidence I will revalue things.

Do leave me a comment if you are interested in any of this. I'm going to be posting the full details of where I'll sell my poems, prices, and whatnot once I actually post the writing.

What I post there will be exclusive to there and I won't like use any of my old pieces unless YOU WANT ME TO SELL OLD POETRY POSTED HERE.

If so, do let me know so that I can dig up the piece from my journal and work on it.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything and until next update!

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