WRITE ME IN BLUE PENCIL [HyperTexts Contest Entry #2]

WRITE ME IN BLUE PENCIL [HyperTexts Contest Entry #2] hypertexts stories
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[HyperTexts Contest Entry #2] <Free Verse> There is no such thing as a curse. Only choice.

WRITE ME IN BLUE PENCIL [HyperTexts Contest Entry #2]

I see the words of my past I see the name of my pain in flames

And old ink lays scorched Ashes in melted lines where my story failed

And today can mark the day Where I turn the old mirror away

Oh, but here is my polished one-way glass To newly rupture my healing heart

No desire to rest

Do many hearts want to run free? How many seek to finish their dried painting?

I see many faces smiling at me Like them, I smile at many faces

Cracking a bleeding smile Frantically I begin to write

It is the same story

Like the last one where I lost And good fortune knows of no love

Yet I will write me in blue pencil

Three lines across his name Two lines cross out details One line underlines the new cause of pain

And behind me a new fire with blue flames

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