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chronoprincessFREEDOM RUSH - NEW POEM!
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She doubted and so she fought.


That wispy voice is near

Does not let me sleep

And she tells me that I'm fractured and will soon fall ill

That I conjure up a white dress and a pink coffin

That my luck is running out because I drink for him

To rip out my cherry blossoms for they're withering

For more fuller lips are closer to steal him from me

To surrender to my false hopes and my chintzy dreams

And not even bother tell my friends or family

But I fight back and scream

I'm not ill and not falling for your tricks

You're nothing but a witch

Hunting to see what she steals

Loyal to me

He is mine to keep

Get away from me

You don't want to play with me

She shudders at how I speak

But smiles for she knows she can win

Now she won't give in and I'll still fight here

That evil voice is back

And I can't sit back

And she tells me that it's futile to escape her wrath

She's a demon who feeds hungrily on broken hearts

That she saw my future husband in a crowded bar

But I must still fight back

Draw your sword and swing it at me hard

Your words will drive me mad

Don't dare think that this has passed

Though your soul is pitch black

You still have a heart

Curse it as it cracks

Go to hell and don't come back

Her memory echoes in me

For she left a mystery

Damn that wispy voice

Damn that evil voice

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