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chronoprincesslaugh out loud - a new poem
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...dreaming...or am I?


I walk slowly

I see him wandering

Should I speak?

Should I stand back?

He's at ease

He looks so grand

Soon all turns black

My heart soon beats fast

A cacophony in the dark

Am I dreaming or am I mad?

It's hazy

It's crazy

Where am I and why can't I find him now?

I'm walking


I'm alone and I want to go home now

This is delirious

This isn't real

My fantasies are playing out while I'm awake

This isn't serious

It cannot be

How to explain the reason that we're here again?

This is delirious

And yet we are acting like this is serious

I understand nothing

At the fair or the tower

Getting quieter then louder

And I see you

Eyes are damp and deep blue

Screaming loud

Screaming nonsense

Underneath these deadly clouds

It's foggy

It's blurry

If in dreams then I'm poorly slipping through

Decode this


Only in dreams have I ever been with him

But this is serious

It's all too real

Am I insane or am I seeing things that clear?

A tale to question

A tale too long

But every hour ticking by equals a second

This is delirious

So why is it we're acting so serious?

Where am I, dear? Where are we, dear?

Is this real life? Or am I blind?

This is delirious

The moon is not black

But I can't wake and seem to find the exit back

This can't be serious

Ballrooms of blood

But I see him and God knows he is my only love

This is delirious

But we will keep on acting this serious

This is delirious

But we will stay forever in this ripple

This is delirious

So long as I see you there's no issue

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