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Nowhere to turn in these walls of black | When did all go wrong?


In the wake of night I find myself reading these books where the heroes end dead

The candle soon dies Yet I am still crying because all of them sadly failed

But I must go Reality does not fall into the genre I read

But I'm not home Nowhere to turn in these walls of black that everyday make me sick

But I must still close my eyes The nightmares soon will crawl Paralysis in my eyes And monsters will soon roam

Forgotten in this place I'm forced to call my home I can't find a wall to dig a hole

I'm wrapped up in clothes to force control When did all go wrong?

I used to pass here I used to feel pity for those sorry souls trapped in there

How to forget? The old woman screaming and that awful feeling of dread

But I then closed my worn eyes A tragedy to come A car of white rushed me by My screams were heard by none

My mind was driven to the extreme with all they did What was worse nobody asked for me

With a blade I forged with my smudged tears That's where all went wrong

The road was nowhere My body was naked and scarred

Those bastards had broke me But I couldn't bother confess

Somebody told me to go insane And not behind bars

I had to agree Grief and solitude spun in my head

But now I must close my eyes Though I just want to cry The flashbacks are so ardent I'm feeling just as scared

And now I hide in books of heroes that were killed When the candle dies I'm forced to sleep

But though monsters of my past are near I know what is wrong

And I was thrown in here to fake insanity I'm aware of all that's happening

I'll dig up a hole to set me free

I'll fix all that is wrong

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