the dancing psycho clown

        the dancing psycho clown the joker stories

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a quick piece dedicated to my favorite clown :3 thanks for reading!

the dancing psycho clown

tall stance shadow crawling powerful and lonely primary colored crude mask

we turned him psychotic he says that is the story a sad clown turns to mad glory

bleached his name brushed his faith poppy red everywhere

now he laughs in a flash in a dance

swinging to the left limelights in a dash pruned heart in the trash a sect by his name

swinging to the right shocked eyes travel back wind whispers in gasps obscured by the light

frown is upside down he forces a grin the loser now wins raised hairs make his crown

prince of a torn town he knows what he wants turned it to an art dancing psycho clown

slow waltzing around the dancing psycho clown

on his grave you're digging beaten pail is twisting but his body is missing

timber wolf evolving timid cub is plotting everybody will be sorry

tailored hope robbed a soul poppy red in his flesh

now he is mad in a flash in a dance

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