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chronoprincessFREEDOM RUSH - NEW POEM!
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It's a sad reminder but at the same time, what can push us to greatness.


Sometimes the answers do not lie in a book

They are not spoken or found when you feel blue

But here comes death and time walks by its side

But they will give you small smile

And walk by

Run far while you can

So you don't reach the fork

Run far while you can

Keep thinking that you'll be strong

Sadly no one will help you

This world is too cruel

But run far while you can

They both will meet you in the end

You want to listen and you want to learn more

Little you know when will you have to let go

You're but a speck

A truth that no one can face

So you invented a new game

Who will play?

Run far while you can

So you don't end your road

Run fast while you can

Nothing is easy anymore

Sadly no one will be there

And no one will care

So run fast while you can

For they will not try to help

Each day you're closer to the blue gates of Time

And they will open even if you cry

That's where we're going

That is where we shall meet

That's why we're growing

Why we live

Run fast while you can

For the sky will turn gray

Run fast while you can

To every play there's an end

Sadly nothing can stop them

And they know no end

So run fast while you can

And smile to live life the best

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