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chronoprincessi don't think so - a new poem
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One impression was all it took.


Every morning greets me the same way I can hear it whisper sleep away

But I am defiant and wake Though deep down I want to think of her

Every morning I have to pretend Broken smiles it's all that she deserves

One moment to realize the truth We're mismatched and she has not a clue

Memories are violently harassing me when I just want to smoke away Run away

I pretend so often I don't even know how to be honest so I guess I guess away

But one night when I felt a tank of pressure I came out and saw a million expressions

One girl wanted to leave an impression

And I clung to her hug She had to go

Every day greets me with the same words Telling me to no longer play dumb

But I am defiant and ignore Though deep down I think of her much more

Every day I have to play pretend With my friends, family, and girlfriend

But I have no way to tell her this We're mismatched but she does not live here

I'm tired of running into thorny walls I'm damaged but nobody hears my words

They think I'm a puppet for money She shops and then she calls me her honey

My mind keeps replaying that sacred moment That girl who was smiling more and more longer

We spoke but I took her words for granted

But I can smell her scent She's far away

Every night greets me with obscure thoughts With her I don't longer make much love

My minds locks itself and then regrets To find her when she just left her name

How to get her when she's far away? Why leave me behind in all this mess?

But I'll find her no matter what way She's the one that will help me escape

Every day now greets me with a cheer Telling me to find her and be happy

We're mismatched and we both ache to love I'm ready to drive down this new road

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