in spite of recovery

             in spite of recovery non-sense stories

chronoprincessThe Cosmic Getaway, Pt 2 - Starflower!
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a poem as non-sensical as yours truly! if you can actually read until the end well...thank you! you must REALLY like me :P

in spite of recovery

so you know how i always make sense in my poems? well, for once here's a little something to keep you all guessing. trust me, even i won't make sense of it but if you're in a good mood to read some random collection of words then be my guest! lots of love, europa

hear the roaring roaring monsters monsters in my head head on home

home is nowhere nowhere is safe safe by daylight daylight now fades

fades like courage courage mighty might and mightier mightier and then?

then let me tell you you are hopping hopping circles circles sinking

sinking water water speckles speckles radiant radiant fire

fire in you you a devil devil smiling smiling death crow

crow like screeching screeching daybreak daybreak rising rising dark thoughts

thoughts are landing landing rainfalls falls on your head head on coming

coming down down like white comets comets crashing crashing madness

madness steals it it has waited waited like stars stars of rebirth

rebirth dance dance for your audience audience leaping leaping chasms

chasms down there there you are hopping hopping faster faster kills fear

fear is heaving heaving breathing breathing stale air air of virtue

virtue missing missing powers powers growing growing turmoils

turmoils grieving grieving promise promise words words not for speaking

speaking riddles riddle me this this is futile futile wonder

wonder why why is this ending ending is now now you must hear

hear the roaring roaring monsters monsters in my head head on home

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