I RISKED IT ALL sad stories

chronoprincess i used to like me better
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There's a dark side to fight within but the victory awaiting is well worth it.


I hung pictures of the one

The one that made me fall

Purgatory found a home

Light up another one

Gasping to the silver knife

How could you deceive me and smile?

I could run a marathon

But I ran out of shoes

You let this drag out too long

But I had no clue

Now I seek another life

How could you tell this lie?

My palms had never dirtied

I too was a toy to break off

I am trash

You have left me armless

All thanks to you

I chased after you

My life on a thread that you cut loose

I was just another tool for you

Fierce and lawless was your mouth of fumes

Shot me in the heart

Kicked me in my guts and then you laughed

Told me that you knew I would not last

Why did I risk it?

I risked all for you

I lost everything

And I lost me

Why did I risk it all for you?

You stand above my chest

Death in the air

But Death had done its job

This was your trap, love

You gathered every tool

Made me your love fool

Why could I never see the signals?

I was the signal

Twisted by your knots

I am weak to find a way back home

God is witness to what you love most

But it was God that put you at front

Farther from the lines

Melted skin that I was taught to hide

With your silver knife you wrote demise

You left me bleeding

While I risked it all

I lost everything

I lost your side

How could I risk it all for you?

You never could bother with me

A sin that you said I needed

Now I walk underneath the bridges

All thanks to you

Drying in the light

I cannot confuse my ignorance

But I have no place that I can stay

Will this sorry world give me a chance?

You threw me away

Watch as how I burn the last of you

There will never be another chance

I will dry out

But I will risk it all

Chains have kept me captive but no more

I will risk it

Risk all for me

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