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chronoprincessFREEDOM RUSH - NEW POEM!
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Had a very long day of learning today but I didn't want to miss the daily prompt so here goes a little short rhyming tale.
Thank you for reading!


My mind has not even turned its first gear yet when pressure wakes in my hands

I know the power within them can build everything needed for man

But no matter the hard work and no matter the sweat, the reward I'm seeking it's always flying away.

So I go to the jungle and try to follow the usual path but today I realize that all the streetlights have turned dark.

It doesn't stop me from reaching the empire that exploits me daily. I have much work to do and no one is going to help me.

Reports, charts, and endless phone calls keep me busy by the hour and all I get to eat and drink I have to very quickly swallow.

And at the end of the workday I have to meet up with the rest of the workers to put together everything we have done to swiftly progress.

And though it seemed I only completed a report and a half, once we compile our files, the lady comes in and starts to choreograph.

And we all scatter around to make our final presentation with enthusiasm and pride to show it off to our entire nation.

And as we wrap up the final details, we leave it out ready in case our superiors want to start making their deals

In the end it's what we do and what we don't get paid for. No one complains and we really don't ask for anything more.

As I get ready to finally head back to my regular life, I take one last look at the place we call bee hive.

I tiredly spread my wings and bid farewell to some folks I won't see again and bumped into my fellow workers and bosses who didn't even flinch or complained.

And knowing that we would never marvel our work the way others would, I quietly relaxed and very slowly flew.

But in the bee hive only one job is done for out with the flowers our most important task has already begun.

It is a never ending cycle of work for us but I do very little to make a fuss.

For I just fly and work and work and fly. That's enough for someone like us, little bees from the golden bee hive.


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