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Thanks for your questions!


HELLO EVERYONE! In case you didn't know, I made a post not so long ago about my 100th post and a thank you for my 1,000+ followers milestone and asked you all to drop my a question about me you wanted answered.

I want to thank each and every one of those who left a question for me and here are the answers! Since I didn't get that many, I tagged you in my description so you could get a notification. Thank you and hope you like! -ChronoPrincess

@lilac_angel QUESTION: What made you like writing 2 begin with?

It all started when I first came to this country. I didn't know one drop of English and had to attend ESL (English as Second Language) classes. The program I was enrolled in gave me a notepad and each day was given a sentence or a picture.

From there, I had to write like 5 more sentences to create a micro story and that practice my English besides the classes I had. I liked the format and well, not having much of a choice anyways, would often find myself doing story after story.

It was then that I realized that I liked writing, though I didn't do any creatively on the side because I was TOO BUSY being an A++ student and playing with the PlayStation my parents worked so hard to get for me. :)

@pinkycapricorn QUESTION: What are you most looking forward to in the future?

Well, if you're referring to here in Commaful then let me just say that it's going to be a mixture of super sweet poems and the usual poems of death and rebellion that I focus on. I'm not going to try and change my style, try something new, or experiment with word choice or anything else that deviates from my free-verse style.

Outside of Commaful...well, I had a Wattpad but never found ANYTHING to fill it up with but now I have that energy to newly give it a chance and once I settle down for an idea I will likely let you guys know about it and let you read my prose.

NOW, Outside of my writing, I am looking forward to continuing studying and working on getting certified on either Psychology or Criminal Justice...OR BOTH! I just took a HUGE step in my personal growth, both mentally and emotionally, and I feel ready to take on whatever challenge is thrown at me with

fortitude and positivism. I'm still practicing mindfulness to help me and I'm giving it my all to enjoy what I missed out for so many years. I've learned the meaning of getting up and making your dreams come true so I'm going to do it all to get all the things I want and work hard for them. I have much to accomplish! :D

@debadityadutta QUESTION: Have you read Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore or watched Satyajit Ray movies?

No, hun. I'm not too open to new experiences when it comes to books or music. I'm SUPER OLD SCHOOL and I still listen to the Bee Gees and Queen as if they were the chart-breakers of 2018 and will re-read Harry Potter as if the series started today :P

BUT, It doesn't mean I won't do it. I'll get back to you if I do and we can talk about it further. :)

@raviteja1337 QUESTION: Can you describe your most memorable day?

Boy, can I...

I was going to post this in another post with pictures and everything but I'll talk about it a little bit here. And it wasn't just one day...IT WAS THREE!

So, I went to New York City and made a dream I had for like...13 years a reality. It sounds like I'm making it up but it's nothing but the truth. I went to see someone in specific and well, I achieved it and made it back safe and sound to my city.

Those were the most special days of my whole life EVER and describe just one... Visited Times Square, The Rockefeller Center, saw a Broadway show, and had the most satisfying day. It was so good I didn't even sleep! A week later and I'm still sleepy from that one day HAHA :D

@poemsaboutlife QUESTION What made you want to start writing?

Well, I actually had these adventures going on in my head as I played fantasy video-games and I wanted to like expose them somehow so since I was already used to writing from school I easily grabbed a notebook and started writing my fantasy stories there.

I filled up around 6 notebooks with stories and wrote out around 3 online but I don't think I kept anything from anywhere LOL OH WELL!

@badwriter QUESTION Why so cute?

I appreciate the compliment and thanks for the comment! How am I cute? Well...I don't know! LOL Thanks again! *blushing*

@boblong QUESTION Favorite genre of writing and why haven't you done more prose in accord with that genre?

My favorite genre of writing is FANTASY! I wrote only two stories in the fantasy genre but unfortunately due to work, personal crises, and family issues I just never was able to go on and keep writing from that genre.

The other stories I published fell under the categories of fanfiction and teen fiction. One story was about domestic violence and the other about Stockholm Syndrome. I had a rather decent success with both and I actually felt happy I finished them but I never thought of turning back to Fantasy as I grew up.

Now, I think I could give Fantasy one more shot but I'm writing something else for now so I'll keep on putting on hold. Not that I don't have the imagination to do so but I don't feel ready to immerse myself in a fantasy world and develop it thoroughly just yet.

@in QUESTION What's your favorite book/book series?

My favorite book is called Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. And well, my favorite series is in between Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. I mean, I felt more connected to Percy Jackson but how to say no to HP's magic?

I think that in order to answer that question I would have to re-read both series and then see if I finally made up my mind. :D

And that brings to an end this first Q+A! If you want to leave a question, please do so! If I see that many of you leave more questions I will make a SECOND Q+A! Thank you again, loves! <3

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