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chronoprincessout of a toy box :( - a new poem
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I wrote this piece thinking of a dear co-worker who is lost in this addiction and to someone dear who was able to overcome it.
Thank you for reading :'(


Another day ended You lived through your shift

Oh, what a burden Such cruel reality

It's not like you're done Not like you want to leave

But you need your home And taste that one sip

When did your mirror get cracked? When did make-up become trash?

When did you think, To live you need to drink?

When did your old clothes stopped fitting? When was it you gave in?

And now to think You need another drink

You call them brain bleachers Brain cleansers You need them everyday

Brain bleachers Soul healers For the times you have failed

No matter The flavors All good in the end

Pass them one more round Let it drag you down

You laugh as you cry With your friends for the night

You think you're sly That with one you'll be fine

Your throat burns It burns like a record that's broke

And you shout a toast For this battle you've lost

When did your heart start shrinking? When did your breath start to stink?

When did you think, To breathe I need a drink?

When did you lose all your money? The bottle now is holy

And now to breathe You need another drink

You call them brain bleachers Brain cleansers You try one everyday

Brain bleachers Heart healers For when you feel a waste

No matter The flavors You'll take them anyways

You want to get lost To lose all control

Can you remember how it began? You were alone and you were crying for him

What do you see when you look across? Do you see what you have done?

You drink your brain bleacher Brain cleanser For you still think of him

Brain bleacher Soul healer Time will not forget

No matter The flavors You're already astray

Memories can cut Leave you mad and drunk

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