*Another Thank You Note* HI! *waves*
*Another Thank You Note*
HI! *waves* thank you stories

chronoprincessThe Cosmic Getaway, Pt 2 - Starflower!
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Just another thank you piece! <3 Until next update!

*Another Thank You Note* HI! *waves*

I want to thank each and every single one of you for your endless support <3 Yesterday I was thinking of how nice it is to have people that consider me good at something when many are the moments I feel like I am not good at anything.

I have been praised at my job, in my roles of daughter and sister, and I see the genuine interest others have for me. Yet...I don't know...I have found it hard to accept my so called virtues...but...ANYWAYS!

I want to rant on about the gratitude I have towards each and every single one of you for liking, commenting, and shouting out my stories. This is the first time I have gotten so much praise as a "writer" and I can't believe it just keeps getting better.

I have much to learn and there is always tweaking here and there to be done but you guys have made that learning process so much fun and it truly serves as a motivator to keep practicing because I know that one person, just one, will always let me know me how good or bad my writing can be.

Or how I have read my pieces make you smile?!? What??? I would have to pat myself in the back for that but that only fuels my desire to not only grow in this hobby of mine but to also do what I can to stir some emotion in you. In a lot of pieces, my emotions are present and though, most somber because that's sadly a grief I carry, my happy ones I write with a big smile!

This is why sometimes a lot of my writing may sound repetitive or as if I'm too hurt or on the other hand, deeply in love XD Just FYI, I am doing okay :P

Also, also...you guys are really really good with what you also share and some pieces have really really gotten to me. I always wish you guys the best and that whatever dreams you may have come true :) I'm not too much of a talker but any question, or concern, or fun comment you want to make, I'll be more than happy to reply!

Love you lots, -Europa

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