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Do you remember the last time I wrote prose? Yeah, me neither :P


Alicia found no key in any of the drawers, as she had heard she would if ever stuck, and they all were painted the same austere and rushed shade of slate grey.

She knew her time was running short and that her entire world as she knew it was going to crumble right in front of her if she didn't find the key to escape.

But not one of the drawers contained what she needed and she didn't bother close them back again, her steps already taking her to the next room with a shaky hope that in the least of places she would find that brass object she was in dire need of.

Unfortunately, her thin hands grasped nothing and her desperation was only growing bigger as the abnormal ticking of a faraway clock chimed side to side in her head to remind her that time wasn't stopping though her heart almost was.

She cursed the moment she thought shelter in the rumored abandoned mansion was a good idea as her black short heels clicked on the creaky floor and her once impeccable sky blue dress swished in the empty and frigid air.

From death, torture, and murder, the various despicable acts of violence committed under the roof of the mansion slowly crept to her skin, forcing Alicia to walk even faster down the twisted corridor leading to the parlor to newly again try to force open the wooden doors.

Abruptly, both her steps and her breathing stopped, knocking coming from beneath the floor paralyzing her on the spot. She could almost imagine the boards ripping apart as a monster would pull her down to her demise but to her luck, nothing occurred.

But as the knocking stopped, one door in the distance creaked open. Alicia's guts froze and her chest deflated as it kept opening very slowly. She did nothing except stare at what would appear in the doorway.

But newly, nothing appeared. Timidly, she took one step forward and then another, her heart aching with racing fear but knowing standing aloof was going to get her nothing except possibly killed faster than if she tried to run away.

She regretted she had nothing in her attire to help her or serve as some sort of distraction for any danger that could creep on her. It was supposed to have been a one night stop, just a peaceful night that now was turning to a nocturnal inferno.

Alicia was inching closer to the still open door, her fists ready. Seconds before she would finally get a chance to peek inside the open room, the door swung closed, her scream echoing and her body once more frozen with rapid fear and paranoia.

Getting out of there was no longer a goal but a necessity, so Alicia didn't linger any longer and kept on running to the oak doors that invited her in but didn't want to let her leave.

Although she had already tried those doors with no luck, her trembling hands made for the cool handles and pulled and pushed them to no avail. Slamming her body served no purpose and there was no way the door could be dismantled.

With no other way out, as all windows had been covered in cement, Alicia bid farewell to any hope of getting out and prayed to all the gods she could think of that she could stay alive amidst the noises and voices that were making her company and hissing for her to come by.

Her feeble body slid to the floor, warm waterfalls sliding down her numb cheeks and pooling on her adorned dress. Alicia couldn't believe this could be her final night and that the lingering spirits in the mansion were going to make her theirs.

Hastily, she reached for her lips and smeared off some of her lipstick, the dark blue hue sticking to her fingers as she wrote one final word on her arm in the faraway scenario her body would be found.


Once finished, she wiped off her still ongoing tears and turned around to slump her body on the door, wanting to make her final moments as peaceful as she could. And that was when her body, her mind, and her heart shook with the most extreme of fright.

Thousands of pairs of eyes blinked at her protruding from the walls, from the floor, from anything they could cling to. They appeared like person's eyes but they were larger and they didn't blink simultaneously.

Alicia could only look back, nowhere to turn to anymore without seeing a pair of eyes strangely looking back. Not even a peep escaping her gaping mouth at the impossibility she was looking at but rather, she welcomed the terror and continued to cry, this time closing her eyes.

But closing them didn't do a thing, as the eyes were staring at her even then, causing Alicia to now scream and open them again to see them still staring. Opened or closed, the orbs were there and slowly driving her insane.

Alicia rubbed her eyes but darkness didn't invade her just yet, only the eyes still lingering regardless. She screeched to be left alone but it was too late. She was even starting to feel them rolling up her legs and up her dress.

She fought off the urge to swing them off of her and rather continued to screech, her hands squeezing the sides of her head and her begging the only audible noise above them all.

The eyes did nothing but stare at how the woman fought with nothing but herself and silently suffered as they saw her slam her head over and over again on the floor, blood flourishing her horrified features until she fell to the floor.

Alicia couldn't unsee them and all she wanted was death so she didn't have to see those eyes ever again. Only then would she rid them from her mind.

Her breathing weakened and her head numb after the many blows she gave herself to terminate her life already, but the eyes remained seated inside of her own eyes as death took over.

What poor Alicia didn't know was that death inside of the mansion wasn't going to send her to Heaven or Hell. It simply would turn her to a pair of eyes like the ones she saw last as she gave her last breath and became part of what going to be someone else's next nightmare.

It was then that the oak doors clicked and were now open awaiting a new pair of eyes to walk in.

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