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A poem from a once powerful king - FREE VERSE - SHORT

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Once upon a time I once was strong Ruler of all My crown had jewels bestowed by lords

All voices would sing to me And fear would live in my enemies

In my palace of chilling fright Every night She would cry From the world she had to hide

Her powers strong Slave to my world

She gave me the weapons She gave me the powers Removed my weaknesses In a magic shower

A part of me taken My freedom in her hand Could not say no to her Now thirsting for more power

The victories I have won I cannot go back

The riches I am wearing soar While I am losing my soul

While she Gloats at me In her chains on grief

If I cannot be free She too has to lose her will

We battle for more But one has to fall

She fights for her freedom While I fight to save my throne

But she knows more Gives her my final blow

My kingdom is falling His kingdom is calling

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