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chronoprincessout of a toy box :( - a new poem
Autoplay OFF  •  9 months ago
It's been a while since I posted something sweet for a change so here goes a little piece I thought of while thinking of an actor I love to death.
Hope you like it!
Featuring SpongeBob!

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Trust me It's not easy It's not easy For me

To find a man That makes me happy Makes me happy and chirpy To find a man like him

Like him I too think That the world is to enjoy To enjoy it as it all were games Like him I too think life is a piece of cake

Fantasy ridden That's the world I live in The world I live in has pink horses Castles of marshmallow Knights of pink and yellow

Fantasy riddled That's the world he lives in With nights of red moons Seas of light blue And an army to serve him for fun

He speaks the truths nobody wants to hear I am now much closer to the edge of my seat

Hungrily thinking of how to be great I am busy thinking of what he'll say next

Imagination should be his first name Crazily addicted to him in my resume

Always disguised so to cause the best scene How to not love such a funnyman like him?

My mind It wonders Wonders of My mind

Have glitter-filled ambition I begin to giggle Giggle like A sweet addiction

When of him I hear Anything from such lips From such lips that beg for a kiss That's what I want to do if I hear him

Funnyman, listen What of me have you caused?

I beg your pardon You lay off faults

Let me go back in time Wait a minute, you're right

I was the fool that when I thought of your jokes Kept blushing and kept on denying What is now so obvious What is now so foolish

The last one laughing Is the one that laughs best

But I laugh harder For my heart and mind are happy to accept the funnyman

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