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christine18I write poetry.
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Poem called you and I. written by me.


by christine18

He was only eighteen. Won't you be that forever?

We can hold each other's hand, through the moonlight and the howls, and I can save your face just like a consolation and I'll remember it forever.

We can have our hearts broken by the one bond of love that we shared.

Won't you break my heart? Up so close and personal but yet so afar so that it might sting forever.

Yet that name of yours will be forever burned in the back of my throat. Just like the memories of you and I shared in the ocean floating free and in the frontal lobe of my mind.

I cannot nor will I forget you. You are an eternal flame and I am a duff that can fly forever and ever.

Higher and higher will I thee go and you will forget me. But at last with you, I will be sinking in the Dead Sea thinking about only you.

Oh how will my throat burning your name will sink me further until the black bottomless floor where I will be forever.

Waiting for you to rise me up like a dolphin getting air I so much need to breathe and be clean.

Yet the wait is far too long and I will be the only one gone.

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