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christinahobbsJust a girl who lives to dream
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by christinahobbs

The weight of the world had been resting on his shoulders for quite a long time.

It ached. The weight. He had been considering ways to have it removed. But it would take too long.

He seriously doubted he that much time.

A flash of blond hair grabbed his attention.

Her hair wasn't blond, it was golden like a sunflower.

Her smile looked like it was trying to mimic a ray of light. It pierced through the darkness in his eyes and he saw her.

Not the problems she would face some day. Just the beautiful, little girl standing before him.

She handed him the daisy.

He took it, no words passing between them.

Her smile grew brighter. "Daisy!" A woman, probably her mother, called.

She turned, hair the color of the sun glowing as she ran to rejoin her mother.

The old man rolled the small daisy between his withered fingers. In that moment--

The weight lifted, just a little.

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