To the down and distressed,
To the down and distressed,
 spiratual stories

christiancromar Community member
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I don’t know how to feel about what I just wrote maybe It will touch somebody, or idk. Even if your not spiritual there is always hope ☺️

To the down and distressed,

I know as well as you, that’s this journey we take is fraught with peril.

That even the strongest of us just seem to want to give up.

When you look to sky and just ask god why.

You might even break a smile cause this life we live may just seem like a comedy.

And the words I speak may seem very true. Just like the tears that run down your face. It’s evident that this place is not our home.

But deep with in the lines of this book we write. Lies the truth of hope so we may fight.

To continue our struggles and show our might. For we are mighty creatures born of this world. Lost and scattered in this distant land. You must press on to the promise land.

And though things may seem grim tough, I am in your corner no matter what. A shoulder to lean on to brace for comfort. A subtle peace so you may slumber.

I want you to love and to hold someones hand. To feel their protection all over again.

Hold your head up and to feel sad is fine. But please press on my soldier to our promise land.

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