I’ll be Free
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chrissyb615 Community member
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A poem or something I hope this helps anyone who can relate

I’ll be Free

You left me here all on my own

No one to turn to

No one to call home

Lost and confused

I stray along

I looked to you for comfort

You turned away

How am I supposed to be okay?

No idea what to do

No idea where to go

How do people in this world live,

Knowing what’s going on?




And confused

Who am I?

I don’t know

Because of you

I don’t want to be this way

I hate this

What else can I do?

I want a purpose

A real life

How can I get there?

I never learned how to love

I never learned from you

I hope you see it

I hope you take it

Like ice in your hands

I hope it haunts you like it haunts me

I’ll never be normal

Holding out for something

Holding out for the truth

Maybe I’ll get over it

Maybe I’ll see the end

One day I’ll be free

I have to have hope

I have to have strive

For that’s all I have

Or else I will die.

I’ll keep holding out

Being as strong as I can

I’ll be happy you’ll see it in the end

I’m growing everyday

Stronger and stronger

Soon I’ll be out

That’s what I hold onto

That’s my life

Always holding out for an ending

I probably won’t get


And lies

That’s what I live on

For the truth is too unbearable

I live in fear of it but one day

One day

That’s what I look forward to

When I’m free from this hell

I’ll be FREE from this HELL

You made this hell for me

But I know all your tricks

Biding my time, playing your game

I’ll be free

Your the devil in disguise

You haunt me in my dreams

Everyone else can’t see it but me

I won’t play anymore

I’m gonna be FREE

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