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My dad

My Dad...

A laugh so contagious you couldn’t help but join in,

Every time he smiled, you saw the dimple in his chin.

He was there for everyone, didn’t matter if he knew you.

He made sure you were happy, even if he was feeling blue.

Yes, there weren’t always good times, some were bad.

Just like any normal human, he would get upset or mad....

Not long after that though, you’d see him back to glad.

I swear, I could go on and on about my dad.

With unlimited memories and fun stories to share.

Like when we went camping, or we cut off all my hair.

When I picture my childhood, my dad was always there.

He helped me with homework, I helped him with the dishes.

He helped me realize, I could have whatever my heart wishes.

He was my very best friend, my hero, and I was his Chrissy.

I hope he knows how happy he made me.

Eventually, things just got to be too painful.

It’s okay though, my daddy’s now an angel.

- Chrissy A.

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