Goodbye: Moving On
Goodbye: Moving On ex stories
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chrispaul5298I just needed to express how I felt.
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Sometimes it’s hard to move on from someone you wanted to be with forever. It’s okay though. You can make it and so can I. Accept your feelings. It’ll hurt a lot less in the long run.

Goodbye: Moving On

As his body pointed toward the ceiling, he moved his shaky arms behind his head. He lifted his head ever so slightly so his hands could become his new pillow. He watched the blades on the ceiling fan spin at higher speeds than his eyes could process as the air cooled his body.

He was devastated.

It was nearing the date of what would have been their 8 month anniversary

He and his ex had broken up 4 months prior to this date. He tried his best to move on but to no avail.

For a while, it seemed like things had improved but he was just distracting himself. He wasn’t accepting how he felt but this night he had no choice but to accept it. Why tonight, one might ask?

He found out that his ex had started a new relationship. While reflecting on everything that had happened, he realized that it probably started months ago. Soon after they separated.

But she was….

His first kiss….

His first date…..

He wanted to be with her forever….

He fell in love with her…

And so he laid there. For how long was uncertain. He lost track of time.

Throughout the months, he had hoped to run into her, talk to her, something…anything…

But alas, this hope had just kept him in denial from realizing the truth that he knew was there.

She had moved on. Long before he did.

He felt the wetness on his left cheek as the tear slowly streamed down his face.

He first opened his phone. He kept her contact information all this time. Hoping. Waiting.

It was time.


He then opened his laptop. The letter he had once written to her, It contained the final remnants of what he wanted to hold on to. Those last 3 pictures of him and her.

Starting from the rightmost and most recent picture




This was it. He paused.


And as he deleted the first picture they had taken together while on their first date, he finally realized…

That it was time to move on.

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