Down the Rabbit Hole Chapter 4
Down the Rabbit Hole Chapter 4 chapter 4 stories

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Once again Rabbit finds himself watching another past memory

Down the Rabbit Hole Chapter 4

Down down into the hole. Deeper and deeper the hole goes. Again those words echo in Rabbit's head, again again again again again again again again again how many more times much he hear it.

"What does this all mean, what does he mean I was the one who enetered here" Rabbit wondered to himself. Before he could question anymore a light once again flashes, blinding him.

Rabbit looks around but there is still nothing but darkness all around. "I thought this was suppose to be another memory whats going on?" Rabbit questioned to himself.

"Mom no please let me out I'll be good please no more darkness no more" a voice echoed through the darkness.

"Until you can learn not to cause any noise this will be your home for the time being" A female voice echoed.

"Mom please no not the closet I don't want to go in there anymore" the child's voice screamed through the darkness.

A beam of light shone through and Rabbit could see his mother holding him by the ears and tossing him into the darkness.

The younger Rabbit slammed against something hard, the younger Rabbit's body went limp.

Rabbit stood there with what seemed like hours waiting for his younger self to wake up.

"How could my mother do this all because I wanted to show her the new toy that I got" Rabbit thought to himself.

The younger Rabbit finally woke up in tears, he started to scratch at the door trying to claw his way out.

"Mother I'm sorry I won't do it again I'll be quiet I won't show you anything else I'll be a good little boy" The younger Rabbit cried out in hopes his mother would hear.

The door swung open and Rabbit's mother bolting in the closet. "Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up" with every shut up she screamed a fist smashed down into Rabbit's face.

He laid still once again as a beam of light shone through the area making the closet disappear.

"How could she do that, my own mother beating me like that, I remember now all I wanted was to show her how happy I was and that was the thanks I get" Rabbit cried out.

"Did I want to forget that, no if I did I would not go to a place that shows me my memories back but then what did I enter this rabbit hole for?" Rabbit wondered.

Just then the hole opened up once more sending Rabbit in the depths once more.

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