what is love?

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Hate and Love are polar opposites, but when falling for each other, Hate begins to have an infatuation for Love. this is literally about feelings feeling so YEAH

what is love?

by red0dcl

How is Love? Is Love this person we have placed into contexts that we don't fully understand?

Is love fed up with the human race, like me? My name is Hate, and I fuel the humans with the fiery disputes of my rage.

Do you think if i sent a letter to Love that he would reply? Maybe I could try and talk to him and we could start out as friends. just friends.

Dear Love, Hello, yours truly, Hate

Dear Hate, how is it that you of all people is writing me a message? yours truly, Love

Dear Love, It is just that, well i thought we could be friends? yours truly Hate

Dear Hate, you want US to be friends? Well I mean I have nothing against this so why not? Hello knew friend! yours truly Love

Dear Love, wait you are serious right? This makes me so happy! Well then hello friend. Maybe we can meet sometime yours truly, Hate

Dear Hate how about we meet by the old apple tree by the lake? maybe this Saturday at 2? yours truly Love

Dear Love, I will see you there Yours Truly Hate

{Hate} I walked to the old apple tree by the lake. I saw Love there, waiting. He was so beautiful, and he looked so calm and refreshed.

{Love} I waited for Hate to show up, and saw him walking my way. His character was amazing. He looked so strong and sharp

Love and Hate talked and talked and talked all day. They knew so much about each other, it was almost like they could be lovers

Before the night was going to end, Love needed to confess something to Hate. "Uh, Hate," Love paused. Nervousness swept through his whole body. "So I have always seen and knew you, but now.."

"...But now I feel like I really know you," he paused again. "Hate I love you," Hate was taken back by Love's words. nobody had ever loved him.

Hate lunged into Love, hugging him tightly. Love made hate go away. Love made Hate change. Something began to happen to Hate. His gray skin became a warm tan, and his hair became brown.

"I think you need a new name for the new you," Love said into his ear. "Maybe Hayden, I have always liked that name," Hate, or Hayden smiled. He looked at himself and his smile became brighter.

Love and Hate became so close and in love after that moment. Love had changed someone so much that he was happier.

we all need Love, and Hate got a happy ending.

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