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chlover Bleeding Inside, Smiling Outside
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What’s real, what’s fake? All you have to do is look behind the lies.

Behind the Lies

The flame in her heart was bright, it was brighter than any light. She was the star, the angel from afar. Golden hair, skin as fair, her name — Claire.

Was, she was. Now, pain, she is.

Knife down, twisted couple.

Her face a frown, down the gutter.

No longer a star, but extinguished rock,

Floated afar, no longer can walk.

Lifeless she seems, as grey as can be.

Soul seeped through seems, locked, was not free.

Fake; she is, real; she was.

A frown behind the smile,

Fake, deceive the devil,

A crown where thorns file,

Real, lie like a rebel.

Broken, torn, shred apart.

Woken, worn, strike to the heart.

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