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People who have been bullied there whole lives, read this.

Haters Gonna Hate

This person named @googleclassroom has been saying things that are super rude to me.

I always thought that I have been a good person but maybe I am not because I always get picked on.

Sorry I like Hunger Games. Sorry I like Bts. Sorry I like Anime and Gacha life. Sorry for being me.

But if you want to pick on me, @googleclassroom, you have to gotta do more to make me break.

Oh... wait!

I am already broken. Broken so that there is no possible way for me to be glued back together.

And since the Corona virus started I have only been thinking bad thoughts. Of me. Of myself. And of I.

I don't try to but they flood my brain, making it hard to operate, to think, to be me.I know I am not the best but I try.

I want to make you people want to read my stuff instead of disposing them like trash or ignoring them.

I want to make the good people of commaful happy, make them smile.

I have been bullied my whole life and I have had enough!

Haters gonna hate but they are going to have a hard time hating me.

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