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She's a goddess. I know because, I'm her angel


She's a goddess.

I know because,

I'm her angel.

And when it came the time for me to fall down on Earth,

to protect my human,

I cried hysterically to not do it.

"Why can't I protect you, my love?" I asked her.

She pulled her head back and chuckled at my question for a moment before glancing at me.

"I don't need the protection, darling." she smiled.

All I wanted was to protect my goddess,

but she wouldn't let me.

Now that I'm in this mundane world,

I do what ordinary people,

and pray.

Pray that she'll take me back,

to where everything was so simple

and divine.

But I know she's busy with all the other angels,

who is getting the attention I desperately crave.

She's a goddess,

and I sure hope I get to see her again,

because she's beautiful,

and the only girl,

I'll ever sin for.

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