I've Never By Chloe K C
I've Never

By Chloe K C eyes stories

chloechapple Community member
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His eyes.

I've Never By Chloe K C

I look deep into your eyes, trying to ignore our impending doom.

Setting a timer for three months away, expecting the worst.

When I'm with you, I want to be nowhere but with you.

When I'm laying next to you, I want to be as close as physically possible.

When I'm tasting you, I want to not taste anything but you.

I've never not wanted a kiss to end more than yours.

I've never been so lost in any one's eyes more than yours.

Your brown, blue and green eyes send me spiralling.

I've never felt so much more sure in someone else than in myself.

You're sweet sweet sent intoxicates me.

Yet, I'm sitting here writing this all alone.

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