Four Letters By Chloe K C
Four Letters

By Chloe K C love stories

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A few thoughts on an undefinable term.

Four Letters By Chloe K C


So much to say about a four letter word.

Our lives begin and end with it; only fluctuating between moments.

Love is a state of mind, a way of life, a mantra.

We're obsessed with the feeling, the being, the falling.

So obsessed we convince ourselves we don't deserve it.

So concerned we'll never find it.

So we live blindly with the hopes that we'll stumble into it accidentally and forcefully.

But, feeling our way through our lives pretending we'll know how it feels.

Pretending we'll know when we have it.

That is a strategy with a gaping flaw.

Love isn't a trophy, a prize, a person.

It is a feeling of wholeness that can be found in any thing, at any time, in any place.

Love is a state of mind.

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