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I don't really know where I was going with this. It's 2 AM and I'm just spouting half-complete, semi-coherent thoughts.


by chloeblue2

I find that I'm caught

stuck between the burning sensation of youth's sense of immortality and the pessimistic, depressed truth that all things come to an end

some days

i relish the fact that nothing is permanent and that all we can do is try and make the world a better place. that our mistakes will be forgotten with time, and all will be forgiven

but some days i'm forced to take the crushing reality that if we are only but the tiniest of blips on the timeline of an incomprehensible universe, that anything i do is utterly unimportant

as a teenager, i know the feeling of impulsive adrenaline and fearless comradery. but as a realist, i also understand the risk of every decision, every moment that is life

despite my own pounding feeling of immortality, i am faced with the problematic challenges in which life and death balance on the highest of tightropes

as I manipulate the maze of life, I must recognize and respect that death may be waiting around any corner, but i know that my own sense of stubborn vibrant life will always push me forward

i think it's funny

that so many people recognize that in youth you feel utterly unstoppable, but at the same time they will be the first to say that they would never want to be immortal

because everyone is afraid of being alone

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