To You For You
To You For You lost girl stories

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This is the story of me, and I’m sure there are a few lost souls quite like myself. I hope you all enjoy reading my poem, as I’m sure many can relate.

To You For You

Today I looked in the mirror, and

I did not like what I saw-or who I saw.

I saw a girl who lost herself-

A girl who was so caught up in everyone else

That she forgot to care about herself

She forgot that she matters too.

She forgot who she was-and

all she had to offer.

She forgot that she was worth all

And like no other.

While trying to appease others

She forgot what really matters

What’s on the inside.

Her insides were not happy

So she went on this journey to self discovery

She didn’t know who she was anymore

Or what she wanted anymore

Or where she needed to start anymore.

She never knew how to stick with anything,

She always tended to let go or quit.

She quit jobs, sports, and people.

She was so confused ...

So she disconnected to reconnect.

Until recently she didn’t realize that everything happens for a reason.

Those things weren’t meant for her.

They weren’t meant for me.

That girl is me.

Through this ink, my thoughts and emotion flow freely

Onto this paper-and I now have the ability to recreate a more vulnerable me

A me who is happy.

This is my journey,

and I hope you enjoy following along as I find self love and harmony or myself again.


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