Hawa Abdi - one part Mother Teresa, one part Rambo. She inspires me.
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A woman who has never raised her fist in anger against another human being, but also one who could perform three C-sections on dirt-poor women, wash her hands, then go straight outside, stare down an army of gun-toting hardcore fanatical Somali militiamen, and with four words send them running for their lives on a light-speed rainbow of shame and self-loathing without even fucking blinking. she described once as the "one part Mother Teresa, one part Rambo"

Hawa Abdi - one part Mother Teresa, one part Rambo. She inspires me.

by chiththarthan

The Mother Teresa of Somalia

Dr. Hawa Abdi, "the Mother Teresa of Somalia" and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, is the founder of a massive camp for internally displaced people located a few miles from war-torn Mogadishu, Somalia.

War and Famine

She turned her 1300 acres of farmland into a camp that has numbered up to refugee camp where 90,000 displaced Somalis received free food, clean water, and free health care.

Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation

The DHAF compound includes a hospital, school and nutritional center, and provides shelter, water and medical care to mostly women and children.

Rebel attack!

A woman like Hawa Abdi isn't one who's going to back down from a fight, especially when there are tens of thousands of lives hanging in the balance.

Noble Peace!

In 2012, Abdi was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. She also received the Women of Impact Award from the WITW Foundation, BET's Social Humanitarian Award, and the John Jay Medal for Justice.

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