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chissjacksA writer with a big heart.
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Suicide is an answer, but is it the right one?

Hold On

by chissjacks

Whatever you do...

Don't let go.

Don't give in to despair.

This life is full of good...

And evil.

I know that you wonder...

If it's Hell on Earth.

To live is to die.

To die is to live.

Death is a shot away.

Soon, everything will be alright.

My darling, please ignore these lies.

Don't listen to Suicide's lullabies.

Come back to me.

My loving arms are open.

If you go....

Do you know where you're going?

Are you certain that you're ready to meet Death?

You've wounded me by saying nobody cares for you.

One person cares for you.

I can dry your tears.

My words...

And my actions...

Can snuff your fears.

Turn away from the dark.

Come back to life's light.

Murdering yourself will not save you.

It will damn you.

Love yourself again.

It will heal you.

Even though you can't always see it.

There's a sunrise every morn.

Chaos is a part of life.

Suffering through it will make you stronger.

I know that you can do it.

You've made it this far, after all!

Don't be ashamed of your tears...

For, they make you human.

Sob in my arms tonight.

I will hold you tight.

Whatever you do....

Hold on.

Everything will be alright.

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