"Lost Love" Part 3
"Lost Love" Part 3 childhood-possession stories

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The one wanting to help became the person who received help ...

"Lost Love" Part 3

Apart were they already

Already, not by the death

Already, not by the death, by the borders

Borders of land; not the heart

Heart of the sender remained

Remained on the red badge of the message icon

Icon cherished by both of them

Them, who now exchanged messages daily

Daily like a dose of drug

Drug it was, like love

Like love, but more fatal

Fatal enough to make them addictive

Addictive it was but also strong

Stronger became the bond as they grew closer

Closer but also got the fear

Fear of losing each other

Each of them was afraid, receiver also the sender

Sender, afraid to sleep

Sleep as the nights terrified her

Her, the receiver, was afraid too

Afraid that she would fall asleep early again

Again, leaving her beloved alone

Alone in the midst of agony & misery

Misery which was the only thing written in her fate

Fate that the receiver wanted to change

Change which at the moment seemed possible

Possible but it was not

Not that the sender loved death

Death but seemed the only way

Only way to end it all

All anguish and hatred

Hatred inflicted upon her by others

Others who were family

Others who were family, friends,

Others who were family, friends, society

Others who were family, friends, society, world

Others who were family, friends, society, world, the universe

The universe is made up of love

Love ....

Love .... what love?

Love .... what love? she was only given pain

Pain that was becoming unbearable

Unbearable to an extent that she wanted to end it

End it ...

End it ... and die ...

End it ... and die ... Hoping death will only end her grief and not their relation

to be continued ...

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