"Lost Love" Final Part
"Lost Love" Final Part childhood-possession stories

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One lived while the other couldn't survive ...

"Lost Love" Final Part

A relation that was supposed to happen

Happen so that sender could receive the care

Care which she always craved for

For the only one who could ever care was the receiver

Receiver who blamed herself for sender's agony

Agony that would have been ended

Ended .. had she never stopped her from dying that day

That day when her interference started to worsen

Worsen the sender's life

Life that went from worse to worst

Worst as agony increased

Increased, between them, was also love and trust

Trust that the receiver broke

Broken it was like a glass; as she told the secret

Secret that should have been buried in her heart

Heart of sender was shattered

Shattered beyond repair

Repair... What could be repaired?

Repair ... Could trust ever be rebuilt?

Rebuilt, could love be regained?

In a blink of an eye, love was lost ...

In a blink of an eye, love was lost ... trust was broken

One hurt herself physically, other emotionally

Self harm is self harm ...

Self harm is self harm ... done either way ...

Was love between them really lost?

Who knows ... but lost were the words

Words that were supposed to be written

Written on the piece of paper

Paper which was now blank

Blank was the receiver's mind

Mind that turned into hell

Hell similar to the one sender lived in ....

In sender's heart, love for receiver never died

Died but she a little inside with every breath

Breath she took with her wounded heart

Heart that was filled with immense love

Love for receiver ..

Love for receiver .. that stopped her from dying

Dying .. every time she planned to end her life

But this time it was too much

Too much to handle on her own

So she said goodbye to her beloved

Beloved who was unable to stop her this time

This time ... she said she would leave for sure

Sure she was that she won't be back

Back in her beloved's life again

A goodbye with tears in both of their eyes

Eyes that wanted to see each other

Each other, "I'll come in your dreams" said the sender

Sender who closed her eyes with this unfulfilled wish of meeting her love

Wish which was buried inside her heart as it stopped

Stopped were the heartbeats of receiver as she got the news

News that made her feel lost

Lost she was for the words ...

Words? .. Even her tears left her

Her ... who seemed lifeless now

Life ... that's always unpredictable ...

Unpredictable was their ever after ...

Ever after of their love which was not like Disney's ....

It was nothing like Disney ...

A/N: Thank you for following this series .... I hope you liked it ... Do let me know about your views ...

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