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chillysheep Not particularly profound!
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We all have dreams that make no sense, much like this poem. Created in the car on my way to get petrol!


It’s a crazy world we live in Where trees are driving cars Where aunties catch the bus From Jupiter to mars Uncles catch them too But not every day They are busy in the garden Helping bushes sway

When I’m stood on a building But I look down and it’s not there Where Eskimos have set up camp Deep inside my hair Only frogs can speak German But toads only French Where milkmen leave your milk In a park under a bench

Where my brother worked in the circus Before he was even born Where I’m running down the high street Trying to hug sweet corn I invented a toilet brush With a pen at the other end I once met a sausage That could see around a bend

I’m playing golf in the nude But I am wearing pink pyjamas I’m drinking tea at a coffee morning Just me and 7 Llama’s Finally, you wake Was it only just a dream? There is an Eskimo in my kitchen Sat in a canoe, in a stream

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