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childstarOne word prompts || Wattpad: @child-star
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Homophobia in the family


by childstar

"It’s sin"

"It’s disgusting"

"I can’t believe people find that acceptable"

You’ll never believe me

When I say I’m one of them

Your words are my pain

The burden on my back

The knowledge that you’ll never love me

For who I really am

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childstarOne word prompts || Wattpad: @child-star
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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
4 months agoReply
That was a lugubrious presentation. I am sorry for you. I have seen the hatred and fear in these hate mongers. If your family can't accept who you are, please realize that opinions are all they are bandying about. It is sad and it is a shame. But the whole world is changing. When you are no longer dependent on them, their opinion won't have so much emotional impact. Saty healthy and seek solace where it is available. Great job on your work here!!!!