Trading Places
Trading Places late night stories

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Late night reflections

Trading Places

I've got so much love in me that my physically small and weak body cannot contain it.

The very thought of sadness, pain, anguish, hatred, distress, loneliness, depression and anxiety breaks my heart.

Knowing that someone is going through one or more of these terrible emotions, makes my heart heavy.

If I can help them; even in the slightest, I would do it. Even if it means sacrificing my own happiness for theirs.

Even if it means that I trade a piece of my heart for the burden they are carrying.

Even if it means to change places with them, be their portal out of the distress they are in.

It's a terrible habit I have, one that I'm not proud of. But if I can see someone else happy, then that's all that really matters.

That saying: 'The happiest people are usually the most saddest', and 'Those that smile the most are the ones that are dying inside.'

Those are true and apply to me, I've got so many of these burdens that I'm carrying.

I don't want anyone to have these, I hoard them and I hide them. I lock them up deep inside me and put up a mask telling everyone I'm fine and that they can rely on me.

Terrible and unhealthy habit I have, but if anyone deserves happiness; it's every one around me that has helped me in the past.

I, who have made many mistakes, who have sinned an awful lot, who has done terrible things, do not deserve this kind of happiness or love. So I trade it in, and swap happiness for their burdens.

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